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Stefon Stefon Diggs Diggs Jersey Stitched stefon diggs jersey stitched

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At least I'm a good brother.He comforted himself.You see, I rarely get to be in New York, and my brother sends me a text and rents a car to take him to work (though he puts a suspiciously large suitcase in the trunk).Although I was a few hours ahead of schedule, I was actually stuck in traffic for a few hours -- not late!Look, where can I find such a responsible big brother?David glanced at the golden lights of Rockefeller center and squeezed the car into the tight white line of the parking lot."Look in the rearview mirror," I said, "are you going in here to put on your makeup, or are you done already?"Stefon pursed his lips, noncommittal."What the hell are you asking me for?"David glanced dejectedly at the electronic clock on the bus. Thirty minutes to go, just in time for the broadcast."Don't tell me you've checked in with that anchor in New York for your honeymoon!...Mom is expecting you back for the wedding!Don't forget what I've been telling you, remember...""Remember to use a condom?""No!!"Remember...No condoms?"Stefon frown.'no!Frustrated, David slid two inches down the driver's seat. "I told you, talk to your family about anything.Don't write another movie like the one you wrote last time, and then disappear halfway through the second installment and three months later become a travel consultant for the show!"He knew his brother did a good job, not to mention the program information is confined in the New York club where there are dwarf pairs, at least he is a little-known late-night news program robbed many ratings, even a minor celebrity world of comedy, in New York made the small charity dinner hosted by the jews, the child might become a comedian?David imagined that he would be fired within a month."What movie?""Never mind..."David rubbed his face hard. "it was the same guy who asked you to write the movie who scooped you up. What's his name again?Andy Gutenberg?No, no, it doesn't matter. It matters, "David turned around." what do you mean by that box?""The box...Put things."Stefon spoke slowly, word by word, his hands involuntarily over his mouth."That's right."David had a sense of shame that he was interrogating a child. "is there something we should have known, but you didn't tell us?""The box...It's a suitcase."Stefon pulls up his sleeves again. "I'm going to be gone for a while."Relief.Too good to be part of the killing and dumping.David was shocked by his first reaction. I might never be a good brother.Everything is clear."So I guess you haven't told your boyfriend the anchor yet," David laughed uncontrollably. "tell him tonight?And leave with your suitcase?Is that your genius project?"It stands to reason, even if no longer willing to admit, he is not to ask his brother for support.Stefon doesn't speak, his mouth twisted into a strange curve."Why are you leaving?No one ever knows where Stefon is going, such as his last trip to a jelly-covered island, along with the anchor."And so on...You are not suffering from an incurable disease?"He was careful to use the word "disease" instead of "illness". His little brother was very sensitive."Take back your homophobic remarks."Stefon rolled his eyes at his brother."Come on, don't you preach homophobia on TV all day, homophobia?Fear of Confucianism?Whatever."David felt a little out of control. "can I see you two crying on TV?You're not going home this Christmas, are you?"Stefon made no reply, pulling up his sleeve and nodding. "it was a long time.""How long?"Stefon said nothing."All right.One last question."David knew he couldn't ask any more questions. He decided to find a TV shop to watch the broadcast later. "why are you in such a hurry?Good job?"Stefon pulled up his sleeves.God, go around that poor sleeve."Ah..."David sighed. "come on, come on.I dragged you to that script seminar, you became a travel consultant, and now I'm sending you to record the last show...You......"He turned his head. The back seat was empty.Oh, how light is this boy?He even wondered if his brother was thin enough to squeeze through the door.There was only a long - sleeved shirt in dark green on the seat.The sleeves are very, very long.* * * Ben Affleck woke up at 4am with a shiver on the sofa.I just had a dream. It seemed scary."Hey, are you still awake?Let's talk about the Stefon joke."Seth Meyers looks like he hasn't shaved in two days, and John Mulaney looks like he just woke up and rubbed his eyes."Three groups of guests ready for this Weekend Update?...But maybe, tomorrow...Well, I said a couple of hours of reading.""Ah?Where's Stefon?""He's going to take a nap. After all, this is Bill's last issue.John Mulaney yawned. "he didn't say no.Let's read everything tomorrow. I hope Loren will work harder, or he will be in a hurry to change his clothes...But...It's funny, "John yawned and took a bite out of the cold pizza." you're Stefon's brother. It all started with you.""Then I guess it's fate or something?"Ben Affleck picked up a crumbly pizza and put it back in the box."Great, then let's finish what we started."Seth Meyers shakes out his lines.After opening WeChat "scan", click the "share" button in the upper right corner of the screen after opening the web page.| About Sina | advertising service b| contact us b| recruitment information | website lawyer | Sina English | members register | products answer questions Copyright ? 1996-2018 Sina Corporation All Rights Reserved

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